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Wood Text Using
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There are so many variations on text in Photoshop it is mind boggling. And as many ways as you can create different text styles, there are just as many different paths you can take to get there. Creating unique text styles takes a little practice, but over all it is pretty simple.

Today I am going to create a wood text style using patterns. You can use mine (right click on the image below and save as) or find your own. Just do an image search on the internet for wood or wood grain. Here is the picture I am using for my pattern.

With this image open in Photoshop select Edit/Define Pattern. Choose a name for it (wood maybe?) and click OK. Close the file.

I am now going to create a new document 600 X 228. You will want to choose a nice bold font for this. Your wood grain will show up better that way. I am using a font called Hobo Std at a font size of 188 pt.

Next select Layer/Layer Style/Blending Options to open the layer blending options window. Check the Pattern Overlay box and make sure that it is highlighted. Click the pattern drop down menu and you should see a thumbnail of your new wood pattern.

There is a scale slider here as well. You will need to play with this depending on how big your text is and how big your original pattern image was. I set mind to 29%.

Your text should now be showing your pattern.

Just a few more steps and we will have something looking really nice. In the Blending Options window, check the Bevel and Emboss box, and make sure that it is highlighted. Here are the settings I used. Always feel free to play around a bit to find the exact flavor you are looking for.

Now check the Drop Shadow box and highlight it. Here are my settings.

And here is my final wood text.

OK, that turned out pretty good I think. One last thing you can do is save this as a layer style so that you can pull it up with one click whenever you like. To do this you will need to make sure that your Styles Palette is open. If is isn't, select Window/Styles. Click on the "Create New Style" button at the bottom of the palette.

Choose a name for your new style and click OK. Now all you have to do is create your text and then click on the thumbnail of your new style. Photoshop will do the rest for you. Sweet!