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Do you want to know how it's done? Learn how to use Photoshop the easy way!

Creating a Watermark in Photoshop

A watermark is a great way to discourage people from copying images that you may have on a website. While still allowing the image to be seen, most people will probably not want the picture as it is with the watermark on it.

Creating a watermark in photoshop is pretty easy. Start a new file. I am making mine 300 X 80 px. This does not really matter as you will probably need to resize your watermark depending on the size of the picture you are applying it to.

Create a new layer and put whatever text you would like to use for your watermark onto it. Bolder text seems to come out better for watermarks. Here is the format I will start with. I have used a bold Comic Sans MS font.


Next we will open Blending Options from the layers palette.


Click on the Bevel and Emboss box, and use these settings. You can play around with these a bit to create a different look for your watermark. These are the ones that I will use for this tutorial.


Now you should have something that looks like this.


From the layers palette again, change the blending mode for the layer to from Normal to Soft Light.


And you should now have created a nice watermark as below.


Now all you have to do is open the picture that you want to put the watermark on in Photoshop. Next open the watermark file you just created, and drag the watermark layer on top of your picture. You should end up with something like this.


Some people like to turn thier watermark at an angle. This is easy enough. Just select Edit/Transform/Rotate from the menu bar and turn it however you like.


As you can see, photoshop makes it fairly simple to create a watermark. Try using different fonts, and different levels of beveling.