Fix an Old Photo

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Vintage Tone for Photos
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This is a nice way to add a classy vintage look to any photo. This is also very popular for wedding pictures. A friend of mine took this great picture of her kids, that was perfect for this type of effect. The picture alone speaks volumes in my opinion. View the Video Tutorial.

Here is the origianl photo.

Next we will want to duplicate this layer. Select Layer/Duplicate Layer. Turn off the duplicated layer by clicking on the little eyeball on that layer. Highlight the original layer and create a channel mixer. Do this by selecting Image/Adjustments/Channel Mixer, and put in the settings as shown below. Don't forget to check mark the Monochome box at the bottom. Click OK.

Turn the duplicated layer back on, and make sure it is highlighted. Set the blend mode of this layer to Soft Light.

Next you will want to add a gaussian blur to this same layer. Select Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur. You should play around with the amount of blur to get the effect you are looking for. Here are the settings I used for my picture.

And this is what we end up with.

This looks beautiful to me, and certainly could be left as is. I wanted to kick it up just one more notch, and add a faded black border which is commonly refered to as a vignette.

Add a new layer by selecting Layer/New/Layer, and click OK. We will need to fill this layer with black. Choose Edit/Fill and select black from the Fill window. Now go up and grab the Rectangular Marquee Tool.

Make a selection similar to below, trying to keep the distance from the edge as equal as possible. Don't worry if it is off a bit.

Next, right click on the document and select Feather. Set the Feather radius to 50 and click OK. Now you should have something that looks like this.

Now hit the delete key and then Ctrl+D to deselect and you are done. Very nice.

Here is a before and after.