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Resizing Photos For Email
Photoshop Training

With all these new fancy cameras that save thier images in the 8mb range and up, sometimes we may need to resize them for emailing. The camera I have saves them at 3072x2048. That translates into 17"x11" at 180 pixels/ inch. This is far larger than most of your picture emailing needs. I think that most of us have some pretty good broadband internet providers, but there still are people out there that use dial up. You can get it pretty cheap, which is good for people on a budget. And there are some places that just don't have high speed internet available to them. This one is for my mom.

It really just depends on what you would want to do with these pictures as to how exactly to do it. If they are just going to be viewed on the computer then you only need to set the resolution to 72 pixels/inch as that is the standard resolution of a computer monitor. If however someone may want to print these pictures, it is best to have the resolution anywhere from 180 to 300 pixels/inch. 72 is just to low for printing. Here is a picture that I am going to send to my mom of our first camping trip with our new trailer. I have resized it for this Photoshop Training tutorial. It started out as the dimensions above at 2.73mb.

Open whichever picture you are wanting to resize in Photoshop. Next you will want to choose Image/Image size from the menu bar.

Now the "Image Size" window should be open. If you are just sending pictures to be viewed on a computer monitor, set the resolution to 72. Since most people at this point in time have thier monitor resolution set to 1024x768, I like to change the width of the picture to 900 pixels/inch. These dimensions will allow for internet tool bars and what not. This way, the entire picture may be viewed without scrolling. Click "OK" after you have made these changes.

Then choose File/Save as from the menu bar and navigate to the folder of your choice to save it in. Save as a JPEG from the drop down menu and select quality 5 from the JPEG options window that should pop up automatically.

This resulted in a photo that is only 98.6kb. This is close to 30 times smaller as far as disc space.

If you want to send a picture that is for printing, leave the resolution wherever it is at. For my camera it is 180 pixels/inch. Most people will want to print pictures that are 6" x 4". So instead of changing the pixels, change the inches. Put 6" into the width box. This resulted in a slightly larger 124kb, but still small enough to send in an email via dial up.