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My nephew was doing a report at school about his grandpa and he had come up with a bunch of pictures to use in his report. I was looking through them and I noticed that a couple of the photos were faded quite badly. He was going to use them as they were, but I asked him to see if I could brighten them up a bit for him. Well the pictures turned out really good so I decided to make a tutorial out of it.

As it turned out (for this photos anyway) it is a super easy thing to do. And when it comes to Photoshop stuff, the quicker and easier, the better. Here is the photo I started with.

We are going to add a "Curves" adjustment layer. Select Layer/New Adjustment Layer/Curves and click OK. At this point the "Curves Display Options" window should pop up.

Select the black eye dropper tool and click on the blackest part of your picture you can find.

Right away you should be able to see a huge difference in the photo.

Now we need to do the same thing except this time use the white eye dropper and select the whitest part of the photo. Click OK.

And here is the result.

That is an amazing improvement over how badly the picture was faded before. Here is a before and after.