Fix an Old Photo

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Photo Collage
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Remove Red Eye Quick and Easy
Photoshop Training Course

I just love Adobe Photoshop. From the first moment I got my hands on it I have always enjoyed trying to figure out new things to do with it. The possibilities are really quite endless. Your imagination and skill for the software are your only limitations. There are so many different paths that you can take to get to the same place. The question is whether you want to take the express route or the scenic route. Whenever I am doing some graphic work for someone else, I like to take the express route as it increases my dollars per hour. At the same time, I need to make sure that the quality is of the highest standard. When you can mesh these two things together, you have it made. Since I also do a lot of photography to supplement my graphics work, I often run into the ever burdening "Red Eye" with my pictures. This can be so terribly annoying. Fortunately, with a little training, Photoshop can help out immensely. This is the quickest and easiest way that I have found to cure this problem. Here is the image that I will start with.

As you can see this would normally be a wonderful picture. One that you could send off to the grandparents and what not. Except of course for the dreaded red eye! Here's what you do. First of all zoom in real close so that you have both eyes very large.

Now you will want to use the magic wand tool (shorcut key W) to select the red eye area of each eye. You will need to make sure that you have the "add to selection" tile chosen.

For this picture I have set the tolerance to 50. This number may need to be tweaked a bit depending on the level of red eye. The idea is to get the magic wand tool to select as much of the red as possible.

Now you will want to select Layer/New Adjustment Layer/Channel Mixer from the menu bar and click ok. You should get a pop up window that looks something like this.

As you can see the Output Channel has already selected red as the default. Now all we have to do is adjust the sliders a bit to get our desired effect. These settings may differ a little from picture to picture depending on the level of red eye in the original photograph. Go ahead and move the sliders around and play with them. It really is the only way to get a feel for it. These are the settings I came up with for this picture. The zoomed in picture may look a little unnatural, but once you zoom back to the original size, it will look fine.

Zoom back out to 100%. Here is my before and after.