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Photo Collage
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Black Glass Reflection
Photoshop Training

Our goal here is to create a text with a reflection as if it were sitting on a piece of black glass. This method could be modified to show something reflecting off of glass on say - playhouses or summer houses windows or something similar.

Open a new file. Set it to 600 X 400 pixels, resolution to 72, RGB mode. Click OK.

Next go to the layers palette and double click on the "Background"layer. This will unlock the layer.

reflection 1

A "New Layer" window will pop up. In the name field type "Background". Click OK.

reflection 2

From the menu bar, click edit and then fill. Make sure in the "Fill" window to use black in the "use" field. This will make our background layer filled with black.

reflection 3

Set the foreground color tile to a shade of blue. This will be the color of our font.

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Next select the horizontal type tool from the tool bar.

reflection 5

Now we need to make sure that all of the letters we choose will not hang beneath the bottom line we are writing on. For example, a small "p" will usually hang below the line. We need all the letters to be on the line to get a good reflection. In my example I used "ShowAndTell-GRAPHICS. I made the word "Graphics" in capitol letters so that all of the bottom of the letters would sit on the same line. Choose whichever font you like, and change the font size until it fits the window nicely. I have used the font "Elegance" at a  font size of 55pts.

reflection 6

Type in whichever text you are using, and click on the move tool in the tool bar to center your text.

reflection 7

reflection 8

Now that we have something to work with, we will duplicate this layer. This will make it so that we can fiddle around with a new and identical ShowAndTell-GRAPHICS layer without messing with the original. Click OK on the "Duplicate Layer" window that pops up.

reflection 9

Notice now over in the layers palette, we now have a black background layer, and 2 duplicate layers of ShowAndTell-GRAPHICS on top of each other.

reflection 10

Next we will need to rasterize our type on the top layer. This makes it so that we can do a bunch of funky transforming to our text. Choose layer/rasterize/type from the menu bar. Make sure the top layer is highlighted as shown above. If it isn't, just click in the layers palette on that layer. Whichever layer is highlighted is the one we are currently working on.

reflection 11

Let's do some transforming! Click Edit/Transform/Scale from the menu bar.

reflection 12

Click and drag the box near the top center of your text down to underneath the bottom of your original text. When you think you have your reflection as deep as you want it, hit enter on your keyboard. If necessary, use the move tool to move the bottom "reflected" image up a bit.

reflection 13

Lastly, you will need to adjust the opacity of the "reflected" layer. Click the "Add a Layer Style" button near the bottom left of the layers palette and choose "Blending Options".

reflection 14

Set the General Blending Opacity to 30% (or whatever looks good to you).This will give it that last cool touch that really makes it seem like it is sitting on a piece of glossy black glass in the dark.

reflection 15