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Create a new document and set the dimensions the same as your monitor resolution. For me it is 1280 X 1024. Fill the background with black. Edit/Fill/Black.

Next create a new layer by selecting Layer/New/Layer. Set your foreground color tile to a shade of blue. I am using the color 4353B3. Select the Gradient Tool and set the radial gradient foreground to transparent.

Now pull from the center of the document out until you get something as shown below. Make sure that your “ball” doesn’t go all the way to the edge of the document.

Duplicate this layer by choosing Layer/Duplicate Layer. Now move the ball on each layer individually until you get something like this.

Create a new layer and name it “Planet”. Select the Elliptical Marquee Tool.

Make a selection as shown below. You will need to pull the selection way off the document so that we are only seeing part of the selection.

Fill it with black and hit Ctrl+D to deselect.

With the “Planet” layer still selected, use the Blur Tool to soften up the edge a bit.

Again with the “Planet” layer selected, open the Blending Options window by choosing Layer/Layer Style/Blending Options. You can also open this window by double clicking on the layer in the Layers Palette. Check the Outer Glow box and make sure it is highlighted. Here are the settings I used. The shade of red is color F40919.

And here is what I have so far.

Next we will need to add some text. Set your foreground color tile to a shade of blue. I am using the color 4353B3. Select the Text Tool and choose whichever font you like. I am using a font called “ITC Avant Garde Gothic Demi”. The only thing you will want to be careful of is that the bottom of the letters are all on the same line. Watch out for letters like small “g”, and small “y”, which drop below. If you have to, use all caps.

Open the blending options for the text layer and add some Drop Shadow and Bevel and Emboss. Here are the settings I used.

Next we will want to duplicate the text layer. Once you have done that, select Edit/Transform/Scale, and pull the top middle handle down past the bottom one to create a mirror effect. Hit enter to accept the transformation.

Turn the Drop Shadow off for this layer in the Blending Options window. Now use the Move Tool and align the letters as shown.

Add a layer mask by clicking the “Add Layer Mask” icon at the bottom of the layers palette.

Click on the Gradient Tool and select the linear gradient.

Making sure at this point that black is your foreground color and white is your background color, drag from the bottom of the reflected text to the top of the regular text while holding down the shift key. Holding the shift key will keep your drag perfectly straight. You may have to play with this a bit to get the depth of reflection you prefer. Try starting and stopping at different points to get a feel for it.

And here is what you end up with.

If you want you can leave it as it is. I think it looks pretty good. One more small step you can do to kick it up one more notch is to give the background a bit of a starry sky look. Select your background layer. This should be the one on the bottom of the stack that we filled with black. Select Filter/Noise/Add Noise. I used the settings shown below.

And here is the finished product.