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KISS Meets

Growing up, I was very influenced by music at a young age. When I got into the 8th grade or so I was introduced to the band KISS. I completely embraced the whole thing and gave up the saxaphone and started playing the guitar because of it. Many years later I still play and can hold my own in a professional capacity. Now that I am into the wonderful ways of Photoshop, I thought it appropriate to pay homage by posting a tutorial involving the bands logo. Hopefully I am not the only KISS fan still out there.

We will not actually be creating a logo, but playing around with an existing one. These logos are easy enough to find on the internet. Feel free to copy and paste my starting logo and use that. I am going to post several different options here since what we will be doing is pretty simple.

Here is what we will begin with.

Select 2 colors of your choice for the foreground and background tiles. I will be using black and a shade of purple. Next we will want to select the Magic Wand Tool (keyboard shortcut W), and click inside of the logo to select it.

We will be using the linear gradient for this first one.

Now drag from the bottom up inside the selected KISS logo. Once you have it you will need to deselect (Ctrl+D) the logo to really see what you have done. Sweet!

Hit Ctrl+Z to reselect the area and we will try another. This time we will try a circular gradient.

I have chosen a blue and a red for my foreground and background color tiles. With the KISS logo selected, drag your gradient from the middle of the logo to the right or left edge, and this is what we get. Nice! I love this stuff!

Let's try the Render Clouds filter. I will choose an orange and black for my color tiles. Make sure the logo is selected. From the menu bar select Filter/Render/Clouds.

Well we could go on and on, and I encourage you to try out different things. There are a zillion ways you can go with this. The last thing we will do is to fill in the white border around the KISS logo. Let's go back to the Magic Wand. With the Magic Wand selected you will want to make sure that the "add to selection" option is clicked.

Click inside of the white border around the logo. You should see that the little triangle in the middle of the logo is not selected. Click inside of that border and since we are "adding" to our selection, all borders should now be selected. Let's stick with a nice solid color to fill. Select a color for the foreground tile. I am going to use a shade of grey. From the menu bar select Edit/Fill. When the Fill window pops up choose "foreground" color from the contents drop down menu. Here is what I came up with.

Lot's of good stuff here. All I can say is play, play, PLAY!! Shout it out loud!!