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The Glowing Whip Avenger
Photoshop Training

Here is another kind of light hearted tutorial. Just screwing around with Photoshop and having some fun. I am always doing these fun little projects for my kids, and I thought I would share. This will be an intermediate tutorial, as I will be assuming you already know how to remove a background, create an interesting background, and have a basic knowledge of the pen tool. We will be creating a glowing whip.

To start, you will want to take a picture of the person you are trying to add the glowing whip to. Make sure they are holding something for the handle. An old jump rope handle, or piece of broom handle work good for this. Then have them do their best super hero pose. Bring that photo into Photoshop and remove the background from the subject. Here is my picture after removing the background and then filling with black.

Next you will want to add some sort of interesting background for your glowing whip avenger.

First of all let's create a mask for our super hero. Make a new layer and call it "Mask". Use the Pen Tool and create a path something like this.

Right click and select "Make Selection". Choose 0 feather radius.

Fill the selection with black, and bring the layer opacity down to around 80%.

Create another new layer and name it "Whip". Get out your Pen Tool again. Starting at the handle, draw your whip.

Select the Brush Tool, and grab a hard edged round brush and set the diameter to 2 pixels. Go back to your Pen Tool. Making sure that your "Whip" layer is highlighted, and that your foreground color tile is set to white, right click on the document and select "Stroke Path". In the Stroke Path dialologue box, set the tool to brush. Make sure the "Simulate Pressure" box is unchecked and click OK. Right click on the document again and select "Delete Path".

Next you will need to erase the areas of the whip that would be hidden.

Now we need to add some glow to our whip. With the "Whip" layer highlighted, select Layer/Layer Style/Blending Options. I used some drop shadow and outer glow. I chose the color 1E00D2 in the outer glow area. Here are my settings I used.

And here is my picture so far.

I am thinking a little glow around the body might be good as well. Here are the settings I used.

And here is the finished product.