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Photo Collage
Do you want to know how it's done? Learn how to use Photoshop the easy way!

Create a Digital Frame Around a Photo Using Photoshop

Ocassionally we come across a photo that is so nice you would like to frame it. That is all well and good, but what if you want to be able to send it via emal? Photoshop allows us to create a digital frame around a picture. This is the picture I will start with.

The first thing you will need to do is to look at the image size of the picture you are trying to frame. You can do this from the Image drop down menu and selecting Image Size.

We are concerned with the pixel width and heigth. The size of the image I am using is 300 X 226 pixels as shown below.

I have decided that I want to make the frame for my picture 20 pixels wide. To achieve this we will need to create a new document that is 40 more pixels wide and 40 more pixels high. So when I create a new document and it asks for the dimensions I will put in 340 X 266 pixels. Make sure to double click on the background layer in the layers palette and click "ok" so that we will be able to manipulate the layer.

We should now have 2 documents showing. One with our picture and another that is white and 40 pixels wider and higher. The white one will be our frame layer. Here is where we will select what it will look like. I am going to make my picture frame out of a pattern, but you could use a layer style, or a fill, or a gradient etc.

From the menu bar select Layer/Layer Style/Blending Options. When the Layer Style window opens, check the Pattern Overlay box, and make sure that the Pattern Overlay box is highlighted. I am choosing the pattern "Rusted Metal", but use whatever floats your boat. There is a great book called One_Click_Wow! that comes with a disc that is loaded with dozens of premade layer styles. There are some really cool wood grain styles that would be perfect for this.

Our new document should now be filled with this pattern.

The last step is to grab our original photo, and drag it onto our new patterned document. This will automatically put it as the top layer leaving only the edges of the bottom layer to show. Move it around until it is centered, and there you have it.