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How to Create a Digital
Ebook Cover
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My aunt who recently finished her first ebook came to me and asked if I could do some graphics for it. She needed one of those fancy covers that are so popular on the internet. I suppose there are a lot of different ways to do this, but here is how I did it. This tutorial will work for ebooks on any subject like even life insurance or gardening.

I am starting with a new document 400x400 72pixels/inch. Create a new layer (Layer/New Layer) and name it "Cover". Next we will use the Rectangular Marquee Tool. At the top of the page you will need to change the style to "Fixed Size". Set the width to 150px and the height to 220px. You may need to tweak these dimensions a bit depending on how big you want your ebook cover to be.

Click anywhere on the canvas and your presized rectangular selection should appear.

Now you will need to fill it with a background of your choice. You can fill it with a color or a gradient or a style or an image. Whatever floats your boat. I am going to use a style that I created. When you use a style you will first need to fill the selection with some color so there is something to apply a style to. Edit/Fill with white, and then select your style.

Now we need to create the binder. Make a new layer and name it "Binder". Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool and set the fixed size to 25px wide and 220px high. Click on the canvas and repeat the procedure you did for the background of the cover.

Next bring in whatever text and images you want to use for the cover. Make sure that you link each new layer you bring in for the cover to the cover layer itself. That way when ever you move or transform the cover layer, it will treat them all as if they were one layer.

If you are going to put the name of the ebook on the binder, you will first need to rotate it, add your text, and rotate it back. Edit/Transform/Rotate 90 degrees CW-Fill in text and link to binder layer-Edit/Transform/Rotate 90 degrees CCW. Now move the binder so it is right up against the cover. Here is what I have so far.

Now we have to give it a nice 3D look. Highlight the Binder layer and select Edit/Transform/Skew. You will want to pull the middle handle on the left up a bit as shown below. Hit enter.

Highlight the cover layer, and do the same thing except this time pull the middle handle on the right up.

Now we need the back cover. Unlink all of the layers that are now linked to the cover layer. Duplicate the cover layer by selecting Layer/Duplicate Layer, and name it "Back Cover". Drag the layer so it is just above the background layer.

Use the Move Tool to move it into position as below.

Lets create some pages for our ebook. With the Back Cover layer still highlighted, create a new layer. We will be using the Polygonal Lasso Tool.

Make a selection as shown below. Notice how the selection is coming on to the front cover. That is ok since the layer it is on is below the cover and binder layers. Once we fill it, it won't show that part. Try to keep the top and right lines parallel with the book.

I like to use a light shade of gray for the pages. Change your foreground color tile to whatever color you want the pages to be. I am using color #E3E3E3. Now select Edit/Fill with Foreground Color. Hit Ctrl+D to deselect it.

Lastly, it is nice to give it a little shadow to help with the 3D effect. Highlight the background layer and then add a new layer. Name this layer "Shadow". I am just going to use a soft round brush for this.

Make your foreground color tile black. Here is a cool tip for keeping a nice straight line with a brush. Click once where you want to start and then while holding the shift key down click again where you want a line to finish and Photoshop will fill it in for you. Very nice! Just fill it in and reduce the opacity for that layer down until the shadow looks the way you want it to.

And there you have it, ready to be uploaded and start selling some books.