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Do you want to know how it's done? Learn how to use Photoshop the easy way!

Creating Heart Shaped Brushes
in Photoshop

It is possible in Photoshop to create a brush out of nearly anything you want. In this tutorial we will create a heart shaped brush using the custom shapes in Photoshop.

Create a new file. I made mine 100px X 100px. Next select the Custom Shape Tool.


From the custom shapes drop down menu select a heart, or whichever shape you want to create into a brush. If you do not see a heart, or wish to see more shapes, click on the little arrow on the drop down menu and select "All".


Drag your mouse across the canvas until you have the heart shape you like.


Next you will need to select "merge visible" from the layers palette. This will merge our two layers into one.


From the file menu choose Edit/Define Brush. Select a name for your brush and click OK. Now whenever the Brush Tool is selected, your new brush will be available from the brushes drop down menu.


Try using different shapes or draw your own. The possibilities are endless. Have fun!!