Fix an Old Photo

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Photo Collage
Do you want to know how it's done? Learn how to use Photoshop the easy way!

Color Touched Black and White Photos
With Photoshop

In this Turorial we will learn to add color touchups to a black and white photo. This is a great way to accent a picture. I have done many of these, and the final product, in my opininion is phenomenal! If you have a picture of your kids smelling flowers, or some friends playing in the water, or some great wedding shots, colorizing photos is a very artsy way to go. These pictures also make great gifts, especially around Christmas time.

Of course most of us take COLOR pictures with our digital cameras. No problem! Thanks to Photoshop we can turn them black and white very easily.

I am going to start with a picture of a yellow tulip. You can use this picture or pick one of your own. Just remember once you open it to "save as" something else, or your original will be lost.


First of all we will have to duplicate the layer.

baw 1

On the "duplicate layer" pop up window, name the new layer "black and white" and click ok.

Now we will remove all the color from the top layer, which should be the layer named "black and white". Make sure this layer is selected as shown below.

baw 2

Now select the "hue/saturation" as shown below.

baw 3

Move the Hue and Saturation sliders all the way to the left on the window that pops up, and click OK. This should leave you with a black and white rendition of our photo on the top layer. The layer on the bottom named "background" is still in color. You just can't see it because it is underneath our "black and white" layer.

baw 4

Next we will choose the eraser tool from the tool bar.

baw 5

Begin erasing in the area that you want to show the color of the original photo. What we are doing, is erasing the top layer of black and white to show through to the color on the layer underneath. So cool!!

baw 6

Right click on the picture to pop up a window to change the master diameter of the brush. Make it smaller for tighter areas of detail. Using the zoom in and out is also helpful here.

When you are finished you should have something as shown below. Ahhh, beautiful!

baw 7