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3D Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

We are going to make a 3D column with a point on the top, similar to what a new crayon might look like. The 3D feature I am using is in Illustrator CS, version 11.0. Illustrator 10 does not support this.

This is what we are shooting for.

First we will need to create a new document. Click File/New which will open the "new document" window. In the "name" field type "3D column". I have my artboard size at 800 X 600, my units in inches, and my color mode set to RGB. Click "OK".

Click on the "fill" tile (the one in the upper left coner of the picture below) and disable it by clicking on the little white tile with the red slash through it just to the lower right. Make sure the stroke tile is disabled as well. To disable the stroke tile (the one underneath the solid white tile with the slash through it in the picture below) click on it so it is in the foreground, and click on the same little white box that has a red line through it just to the lower right.


Using the pen tool, create something similar to below. The actual dimensions are not important for this tutorial.

3d 1

Now you will want to double click back on the "fill" tile and select whatever color you like. I am using a shade of red.

Make sure that the image is selected. You can tell if it is selected if you see anchor points like the picture above. A non-selected image would just show a bold line with no anchor points. If it is not selected, choose the selection tool (hotkey V) and left click drag across the image. You should now see the anchor points.

3d 3

Next click Effect/3D/Revolve. This will open the "3D revolve options" window. Click in the box that says "preview".

At this point you should see a 3D rendering of your drawing that has been spun around on the Y axis. You can click on the cube in the "3D revolve options" window and drag it around until you find the angle that suits you.


Try this with different shapes and colors. Also, don't forget to play with some of the settings in the "3D revolve options" window.